In her "gallery/curiosity shop" in Carouge just outside Geneva, Valérie Hangel designs jewellery collections, necklaces, bracelets and earrings which somehow manage to encapsulate all the riches of the imagination.

"I discovered a whole host of extraordinary old silks in Japan, where the art of the kimono and the traditional 'obi' sash is based on the elegance of detail and cultural nuances," she explains. And indeed she fell head over heels in love with these prints that were as rare as a precious metal, and the idea of transforming them into the source of her jewellery was a magical invitation for her to give her imagination free rein once again.

Throughout her workshop, the finely-cut textures tied around little pieces of lathed wood or salpa that has been cut by laser all go to form unique declinations and mini- impressionist landscapes on the one hand, geometrical abstractions on the other. The minutest detail is always important – once these pieces of silk have been tamed and given unique detail, a new visual history is created. The mini-motifs that are highlighted suddenly take on an unexpected dimension with a life of their own, while never losing the beauty of their movement. Valérie’s work does not revolutionise the codes of jewellery, far from it. Her creations are like a string of pearls or an item that is so light, you wear it like perfume. They are in communion with the spirit and the personality of the person who chooses to wear them, either as a trusted everyday piece or as a spectacular accessory.

Each accessory and item of jewellery is hand-crafted by me, using ancient silks from Japan, giving them a unique value.

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