Published : 28.08.2019

The heady blend of creative and artistic inspiration that comes from Tracey Neuls, combined with the passion, skill and unique expertise that can only be found in her workshops.

When I first came across the creations of Tracey Neuls seven years ago now, I could immediately sense that her work was different from that of her peers. The originality of the shapes were of course what first caught my eye, but I could see that there was much more behind that. I felt a pulsing energy.

Tracey refuses to use standard, ready-to-assemble forms. Much like a sculptor, she moulds her own shapes using clay in order to master each detail. The leather, sourced from small tannery in Italy, is then carefully selected by the creator and the end result is an expression of her truly admirable talent. Each piece is then crafted with passion in workshops in Portugal by artisans skilled in their trade. They take a real pride in their work, and that shows in the result.

The new models from the autumn/winter 2019 collection are on display in the gallery.