Valérie Hangel

Valérie Hangel

Lives and works in Geneva

1985 Qualifies as a graphic artist at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Geneva.
1992 Qualifies as a fashion designer at the Ecole Nine de Chastonay, Geneva.
1996 Creation of the Valérie Hangel brand. Opening of her workshop in Carouge.
1997 First personal exhibition, at the Centre d'Arts Appliqués in Geneva.
2001 Creation of theatrical costumes for the Comédie de Genève.
2008 Travels to Japan, begins to create jewellery using kimono silk.
2009 Opening of her gallery of applied arts ­– Galerie h – in Carouge.
2014 Exhibits her work at the Suisse in&out hand craft exhibition in Langenthal.
2015 Blickfang, Basel
2015 Exhibits her work at Globus, Geneva
2016 European Days of Art Professions
2018 Artisan d'Art, Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art

Following a start in graphic arts, Valérie Hangel became a designer and created her own brand of fashion, jewellery and accessories. Connect equally to the worlds of decoration and interior design, she explored numerous aesthetic paths and styles which lead her to today’s designs and creations.

Several artistic worlds have come together to create the fusion that is today the Galerie h collection. Galerie h is an online boutique comprised solely of articles produced in small signature series signed Valerie Hangel. The collection also includes her favourite discoveries from other designers and artists.The items in the Galerie h collection have a unique character. Each object expresses itself with its essential detail, fusing noble materials with exquisite form, for results of audacious beauty. Take a unique voyage through this studied collection and enjoy a glimpse of Valerie Hangel’s choice of object, form and function.  

Galerie h 
21 Rue Saint-Victor 1227 Carouge
+41 (0)22 300 17 27